Information about Maserati International Rally 2020 and the Corona situation

Dear Maserati friends,

As we are all painfully aware of, the Covid-19 virus is making everyday life difficult for all of us.

This may also have an impact on the Maserati International Rally, planned for June 25-28. Still the rally is more than 3 months away and of course we hope to run it as planned. BUT if that is not possible, plan B is to run the rally on the regular Maserati International Rally weekend, which this year is 24-27 of September. If that happens we will try to have the same program, but unfortunately without Swedish Midsummer 🙂

A final decision will be made during April, depending on the Corona situation. Information will be shared as soon as a decision has been made, but no later than April 20. If you for whatever reason can not participate in September, just let us know and you will get a full refund.

Best regards from your friends in the Swedish Maserati Club

Fredric Gustafsson
President Maserati Club Sweden

Please send any questions to, and keep an eye on for updated information.