Maserati International Rally 2010 – Program and participants list available for download


Dear Maserati Friends,

On the behalf of the Maserati Club Sweden, we are pleased to welcome you to the International Maserati rally 2010 in Båstad! After more than one year of preparation by the organizing commitee, we finally approach the Maserati event of the year 2010.

We are proud to announce that Maseratis from thirteen different countries will gather for this event wich started out back in 1986 supported by that time Maserati workshop President Alejandro De Tomaso. We are also honored to have the Italian countess Maria Teresa De Filippis (first female F1 driver) attending here in Båstad.

With Maserati cars, the sophisticated elegance are expressed in sensuous vitality. Maserati Excellence through Passion´ have for over 90 years building classic Italian sports car for the connoisseur. We are pleased to have this year International rally at the acclaimed Hotel Skansen in Båstad who offers you high quality and unique surroundings.

The programme we have prepared for you has many highlights. To name a few, a demanding `super car rally´with four different stations requesting driving skills, a marvelous countryside of Skåne with a gourmet lunch at the castle of Sofiero wich was recently honored to be Europe’s most beautiful park 2010, Concours d´Elegance with unique prices, a Swedish folklore evening a la´1700 century composer Bellman medley, a racing day at the Ring Knutstorp with Swedish gourmet lunch and ladies tent, a black tie gala dinner with different artists…and many more surprises.

The complete Welcome program can be downloaded from here: Maseratiprogram

We wish all participants tremendous weekend with pleasant acquaintances and plenty of good memories in the company of all Maseratisti!